Saturday, May 13, 2006

clivus multrum...the first

It has been a long time, friends. There has passed much grading, much driving, much drinking, much Mike Pell paying my brother 20$ to leave without me at 4am last Saturday so I was forced to stay until 6am at Ben's surprise party, since the last time I had trodden on these interwebs.

So it goes.

There was much fishing. Much, much fishing. We saw a bear.

There was much arguing with my brother about whether or not so called genetic algorithms are actually evolution properly so called, sensu stricto...if you will.

So it goes.

There was also much reading of Slaughterhouse 5, if you couldn't already tell.

So it goes.

We just got back from Victory. I had their Dark Lager on tap (a rare treat indeed) and their Throwback Lager, a pre-prohibition style beer. It was a very good, clean, crisp lager. They also had their Tripilsner on. An 8.8%, all continental hops, beast of a pilsner. I didn't get to try it...yet. I bought a six pack of Ten Years Alt. It is tremendous in all possible ways...and in all possible worlds! I'm enjoying one as we speak, in this world.

So it goes.

Much more to come as soon as I get back to Bloomington which should be Tuesday or Wednesday some time. Including, get this, THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE...

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easy there kilgore trout