Monday, May 29, 2006

I hope the rivers cleanse the flood plains and the bears and moose overrun trenton

I'm not sure why I'm on this "back to nature" kick, but I think my vision is getting more and more violent every day.

And the NY Times just keeps fueling my fire.

They posted a story today about animals invading urban places. The article verges on the edge of tabloidism, but it is easy and entertaining to read. And kind of funny too. But repeatedly calling biologists "the wise men" is really a bit absurd.

Anyway, I hope the bear population gets completely out of control in NJ and 9/10ths of the people in that filthy state get eaten. Except my father. And my mother. They live there sometimes and I wouldn't want them to get eaten.

I certainly have a hard time reconciling my desire for lots of people on the earth to die and the cities to be overgrown with my own desire for my family, friends, and self to continue living.

I also have a hard time reconciling these kind of views with my desire to have a computer and a car. At least a nice LL Bean tent. Eh, I suppose I'd give all that up and make stone tools and live in the ground. My brother could make bow and arrows and all would be well in the wilderness.


Anonymous said...

Being such an avid reader of the NY Times maybe you’ve seen this already:

Anonymous said...

I am the Kwisatz Haderach!!

Matthew D Dunn said...

You are strange. And it's impossible to travel from here to there without going in between. And genetic engineering surely wouldn't be the way to do it if it was possible.