Friday, May 02, 2008

Aesculus is blooming, dem bass are eating

After driving to the airport this morning at 4:45am I went fishing at my favorite creek again. It stormed a bit but that's ok. Because I caught a lot of base and it was actually a rather nice day and I saw a large water snake. I caught a large smallmouth and several spotted bass. And this beautiful rock bass for Pell.

Click all to enlarge.

And isn't this a fucking tease? The boat sits lonely and cold in a warehouse in Indy...


Anonymous said...

I caught some large mouth in a couple of different ponds in CoMo over the weekend. Shad Rap... Shad Rap... Shad Rap... SOFT PLASTICCCCCCC!

Nice rock bass jerk.

Jake Kamon

Amy said...

See? I'm glad you know how to make lemonade out of lemons... That airport trip was totally worth it. (You can always count on me to schedule ridiculously early airport departures. I'm afraid I can't blame it all on Steve Wilson demanding that I arrive in California before noon.)

Tracy said...

uh, that snake is a wee bit scary.