Sunday, May 18, 2008

ain't no high water gonna' keep me home

I braved the high, turbid, turquoise waters of my favorite little creek today and scored this nice smallmouth on a new variation of my sculpin pattern.

Then, I went to Yaniv's house to drink a bunch of stouts and porters for NO MAAM night which is men's night which I assume is also a clever acronym for something. It was at Yaniv's house that I learned that Yaniv had been caught by one of Google's cameras and can be seen in three or four images on Google Street View outside the Runcible spoon apparently on a Saturday or Sunday morning because that's when Yaniv goes there. Note that he is recently showered as his afro is not in full effect. Also, note Yaniv's Honda Civic Hybrid and how he is actually waiting for the Google car before crossing the road. Yaniv's infamous thong picture was also discussed and it turns out that it was stored on my old Insight account, thus it no longer comes up on the first page of a Google image search for "yaniv". So I must repost it here. Google runs the world. Long live Yaniv. Simulations are not experiments.


Yaniv said...

dropping my name twenty times ins that post doesn't ensure it will be the #1 hit on google images... jerk

Matthew D Dunn said...

Yeah, but it doesn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Nice fish.

I thought for a few minutes Sunday that I might be able to join you for the evening bite after my Uhaul truck stalled out on the Indy belt way. The idea of fishing was the only thing that kept me from sexually assaulting that cursed truck. The idea was to gain some twisted measure of revenge.

A conversation at Route 27 and Route 465.

Dianna: You can't get revenge on an inanimate object... just like you can't get revenge on an animal. That's the whole theme of Moby Dick.

Me: Dianna the theme from Moby Dick is to follow your dreams.

AKA Guy With A Rash

Tracy said...

This post had my whole office on google maps yesterday. Everyone wants to be as famous as Yaniv!

Yaniv said...

Tracy! I'm famous???

Matt... when's your crawler showing up? Still no luck eh... told you so

Anonymous said...

What did you do over the weekend Mr. Dunn? I thought you were going fishing? What's the deal with that?

Eric Kraus