Friday, July 29, 2005

the friday ramble: the bender continues

Last night we celebrated the day after Grant's birthday and it was a really good time. I got absolutely hammered on $2 Arrogant Bastard and pitchers of SNPA. Other people were hammered too and I think Grant had a good time. I seem to remember talking a lot about Pennsylvania. In fact, I seem to remember talking a lot in general and I think this is evidenced today by the fact that the little dangle in the back of my throat, the uvula I think it's called (did you know how big tongues are? I learned that they are really huge during my search for the name of that little dangly thing), is laying flat against my tongue this morning. When I first woke up I thought it was a big chunk of flem wedged in there but it turned out it wasn't. It turns out it's my uvula. This has happened a couple times before to me I seem to want to say but I can't really swear it's true. Anyway, I can't believe I got up so early. R and I were talking about his impending new Audi S4 purchase until about 4:35am. He was way hammered too though so I wonder how serious he is about that purchase. I had my alarm set for noon, but luckily I woke up when I did because I have to do the drunk bike ride with my bike rack digging into my back up to Encore Cafe to retrieve my car before 11am because they fucking rule and let me park it there but they want me to get it out of there before the lunch rush which is completely understandable but the lunch rush is just a tad early for me to be riding my bike around town but unlike the last drunk retrieval ride this one is going to happen on a very beautiful day. Nice and sunny and only the high 70s.

Wish me luck.

Until next time, keep your Friday morning hangovers in control and don't let the man get you down. Dammit.

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