Monday, July 25, 2005

videos yo, the stink and my first music video

So I've been checking out a lot of video blogs lately and it inspired me to take some videos myself. I want to be a 'vlogger', I want to have a vblog. Not really, but I think videos are fun and easy so I shall do more of them.

This video is of 'my' dog the Stink. He is actually my roomate Brian's dog, but this summer, he is mine.

This video is of me playing one of my songs, 'From the North Country', as I like to call it. I know I'm looking a little wild what without a shirt and my crazy unkempt hair and all, but it's all about the music man, it's all about the music. I love the head bobbing at the end. I never even knew I did that. But I really never knew I made such weird faces. What a dork.

And Brian, sorry about playing your guitar with no shirt on and playing it so forcefully, or 'into submission' as you put it. But that guitar is so fucking nice! It sounds so good when you wail on it.


brian said...

It's good to see the Basty. He did not seem particularly impressed. You ought to get some video of him in action in the backyard or up on the couch barking at the passers by. i hope you wiped down my guitar after that little session.

dracolina said...

why didn't brian tell me about his studly talented room mate?.....

Matthew D Dunn said...

Well, firstly, that video makes me look far studlier than I actually am, and secondly, I figure Brian is scared I'd steal you away. That's been a serious problem with him. Every time he starts hanging around with some girl she ends up in my bed. I mean, what can I do? They're just drawn to me. They hop into the bed like Salmon over a waterfall or lemmings... over ...a...cliff or something.

dracolina said...

Well, if thats the case, guess I'd better just give up now and sleep with you. ;)

Brian said...

Matt is right. Hanging out with me is like a diving board into his bed. It's okay. I am used to it. I don't like girls anyway. And besides, Matt's bed is just a stopover on the way to the couch with Sebastian, who gets ALL the chicks.

dracolina said...

Brian, I'd leave you for Sebastian.

brian said...

...just like all the others.

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