Friday, July 29, 2005

my interns

Well, they are Monarch Beverage's interns actually, but for an hour or two they were my interns and it was pretty sweet.

I was in Indy at the Rathskeller for their annual wine and beer 'tasting' and it was pretty fun. I poured beer for World Class Beverages and these two beautiful young ladies were 'assigned' to me to learn a bit about beer. That was pretty cool.

The tasting was pretty good. I was exhausted and kind of hung over but I drank a goodly portion of brews including some Great Divide Hercules Double IPA, some Kwak and some Schenkerla Marzen. The Founders guy also told me that they will be pouring Breakfast stout on draft tomorrow at the big beer fest which is pretty sweet. Oh, and I also tried Champagne Velvet's Bock which was not nearly as bad as some people have made it out to be.

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Leigh said...

Well, hello there Matt Dunn. I just created a blog and Bob told me about yours so we checked it out. Yours is MUCH more advanced than mine so now I've got an example of how they can look :) Well, I will continue to view yours and.... well... there's no need for you to visit mine yet :)
TTYS - Hello from Bob and Holla from Ben -