Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the Good Beer Show

The show isn't posted yet, but when it is I'll put a link here.

My trip to Muncie was a fucking blast in general. The Heorot is a GREAT beer bar and the Good Beer Show was more fun than I had even expected. JeffT and all the folks up there are really super people. Was really an excellent time hanging out with them. We drank a lot of good beer and I hope the show came out ok. I was pretty drunk to be honest.

I'm also a little worried about how my music came out. I think the mic was really overdriven, but we'll see.

I'm not going to get into too much of the details here, because I'm going to post a story over at in a couple days, but here's some stuff that won't make it there.

Well, this picture is just so cool I think it will make it both places.

This is a picture of JeffreyT Myer standing in front of his '72 Nova across the street from the Heorot. You can see it reflected in the strange, all black glass Bank One building.

I really like this shirt.

This is James and Mandy, the incredibly nice people who offerred me their couch to sleep on and drove me back to my car this morning. James even offerred to make breakfast twice. James is the drummer for a band called 'Brazil'. They are kind of a progressive rock sort of heavy metal band. They are really tight and really pretty good. They've played all over the states and Canada and they even have a music video that James showed me. But, I don't really like that kind of music to be honest. There is some interesting stuff, but it's just too clunky and aggressive. But It's definately a popular genre of music right now with folks like System of the (a?) down, Linkin park etc. But he might be famous some day. That'd be cool.

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Lydia O'Lydia said...

Had a great time Matt - thanks for coming out!