Friday, February 24, 2006

country livin' in central PA

Dr. Christopher L. Saunders sent me a nice set of college pictures yesterday. I really had an incredible time at Juniata College. Chris scanned these from actual-film-camera -pictures, hence the poor quality.

Actually, the first picture was after college, summer 2001, at Chris and Michelle's wedding. This is Ian, winner MIP2K5.

Me and THE Kathy Yeo signing at the wedding. Their wedding was really incredible. I've been spoiled with good weddings I think.

All the Juniata people at the wedding.

The proud graduates Chris and Ian with long haired Henri and short haired Matt Dunn.

The three philosophers: Mr. John Polloni, Dr. Robert Wagner and Dr. Chris Saunders. Wagner was a really good teacher. I only got to take one class with him, but it was really good. It was philosophy of art. It was hard but I learned a lot.

Ok, this is a picture of the backyard at Chris, Ian and Adam's house near Williamsburg PA. It was out there. Along the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River in Canoe Valley. Absolutely beautiful place. Chris and Michelle Lived there for more than two years I think. I loved it out there. I have a couple other pictures from there I'll post soon. CLICK IT FOR A BIGGER VERSION.

The cows roaming free on the road right in front of the house. Adam adopted a stray Australian Sheep Dog and it would herd the shit out of those cows. But then the farmer got made at them for letting the dog run in the field with cows. CLICK IT FOR A BIGGER VERSION.

This is a picture of "the cliffs". The cliffs were less than a mile away from the Juniata Campus and we hung out up there A LOT. I really miss it. CLICK IT FOR A BIGGER ONE.

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