Tuesday, February 28, 2006

my new beer article

With all this grad school, I forgot I was trying to be a beer writer.

I finally wrote another article for Indianabeer.com and I think it might be a little crazy.

I drop the F-bomb and say other strange things.

Click the picture to read it:

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Ryan (Beer) said...

Nice work on the article, and that tattoo pic made the indianabeer front page. Although my first choice would have been the glass of Hop It with the Gravity Head brochure in the background. What a beautiful glass beer!

Your bit on Paranoid Android had me cracking up; Fear and Loathing Gravity Head, LOL! I also like how my quote reads just as how I felt at the time, cantankerous and slightly incoherent. Honestly, I can barely remember saying that.

Gravity Head Rules!