Wednesday, February 01, 2006

a fine and authentic strong rum drink

I found another really good video blog/vid cast thinger. But this one really stretches the boundary of internet video. While Rocketboom isn't really about the production value (although they do have some really wonderful, creative and beautfully produced scenes), I like Rocketboom for the content. It tends to be interesting, commented upon in a witty fashion, and Amanda is charming.

TikiBar TV, while the whole theme is a bit much for me, the production is absolutely top shelf for internet video. Very well done transitions and well managed tempo of the editing. In fact, I think the pace and rythym of the editing is really the most appealing aspect of the videos. But the production value in general is very high. The graphics look closer to professional than any others I'm seen on vidcast stuff. The camera work is very well done and the staging is really top notch. The cuts and pans are really great and the color and tone of the video is soft and pleasing. The set is also awesome. The writing is actually very clever and the humor is well done. The acting is very good, in my humble opinion. The out takes at the end are usually very funny.

Very well done. Very easy to watch.

Click the image above to visit their page.

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