Monday, February 20, 2006

my Duns Scotus is itchy

My new favorite philosopher is Johannes Duns Scotus.

He lived from about 1265-1308. I bet he drank a lot of dank medieval beer. He was a scholastic and most of his philosophy was actually theology. What a load of crap. But he also had some interesting things to say about logic and modality that apparently foreshadowed possible world semantics, something I thought about today because Dave asked me about it and then I talked with Brian about it. Also, I learned about Duns Scotus law in logic last semester; this sentence is a tautology, i.e., it can be derived from the empty set:

--- if not p, then (if p then q) ---

That Duns Scotus sure was smart.

Anyway, the reason I like Duns Scotus so much is because he has a great fucking name. And he's buried in Cologne Germany. I will someday visit his grave and drink a lot of Kolsch style beer. It will be good.

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