Wednesday, February 08, 2006

more from winter break

Here is a catch all post from my doings over winter break this year. Some fun pictures here.

Adam Ziegler and I went on a picture taking expedition around West Chester at some point. It was pretty cool. We walked all over down town.


I was raised, until about 10 years old, Catholic. Here is the front of the church I attended, St.Agnes.

A really cool door of the West Chester fire house.

The rest of the fire house. CLICK FOR A BIGGER VIEW.

West Chester is a pretty old town and Chester County in general is one of the oldest counties in the Nation.

The Iron Hill brewpub is now where the hospital was.

This is a bit later history, but I think it's cool because Rothrock spent a lot of time in Central PA and I spent a lot of time in Rothrock State Forest when I was in college. A very cool place.

A cool doorway of a 1848 house near the historical society in West Chester.

I went to a Quaker Friend's school for two years when I was a kid. West Chester was a huge Quaker town for a long time. It is a really old campus. This is part of it.

More of the Friend's school.

And now onto Ben and Leigh's New Year's Eve party. Ben has thrown a party every year for 8 years...and I've been at every one of them!

This is Pell's former roomate, Brian Hoffman:


Joe Ready and R Kelly.


Ben's neighbor lit off a bunch of M80s or some such thing. They were really fucking loud and you felt the concussive force of the explosion on your skin. It was a bit scary actually.

A dance party broke out. Ben takes his dancing quite seriously.

Greg and Melissa.

The hard-core from B. Reed Henderson High School. CLICK FOR BIGGER.

A funny picture of Joe.

Around 6am.

That is all.

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