Thursday, August 04, 2005

the Good Beer Show doth returneth... this blog.

The 'After Show' for my episode of the Good Beer Show has now been posted here. It's a pretty fun drunken little piece of audio. There is a lot of songs played have way through. Entertaining.

Steve (and by Steve I mean Brian), you should really listen to it as you are mentioned I think three times.

Also, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the actual 'show' here.


b said...

Hmmm, and I thought you were taking my guitar to a studio and you'd be playing it sober. I didn't know you were taking it to a sweaty, drunken, soiree.

Matthew D Dunn said...

Studio? You know I only play in sweaty, drunken soirees, never cool, sober studios.

Jeffrey said...

The sharpie marks did come out, right?

b said...

Sharpie marks, eh? Ok, so I may seem a bit anal, but Matt, though he means well, is accident prone and my stuff is not excepted from liability. I still get cold sweats and flashbacks when I think about what he did to my bed.