Thursday, August 11, 2005

the internet

I have a vague memory of something like the following:

A man sitting at a desk on the computer. It looks like he's been there a while. He's haggard, wearing boxers and slippers maybe, unshaven, lots of dishes and papers and books, just a bunch of shit piled up around his monitor. He turns off the computer, stands up, turns to camera and says, 'Well, I've done it, I've seen the entire internet'.

Now, my memory isn't very good. Perhaps this is an amalgam of a couple different memories, I don't know, but whatever, it's what I think of sometimes when I surf the internet. You know, maybe it was something Henri Mills-Knapp said at some point? I don't know. Anyway, the internet surfing has been pretty good today and yesterday.

I think I posted a link to this video a while back, but I just wanted to do it again because I really like him. His style gets a little old, but for 15 or 20 minutes he's great. And I like that he's from Sweden and sounds a lot like Van Morrison. He's got a great vocal style I think.

Nicolai Dunger

I found this pretty cool website the other day. It's Hoosier centric. I am endlessly fascinated by regionalism. And it's got some good content too.

Hoosier Logic

From the NY Times: "One rainy afternoon in the Alaskan wilderness two years ago, a self-made man named Timothy Treadwell was mauled and eaten by a grizzly bear...Dr. Fallico recounts his version of the attack, a description based on his examination of the bodies and the six-minute audio record found on one of Treadwell's video cameras. (The lens cap was on the camera.) The account is graphic, gruesome and thoroughly riveting".

I'm not sure what to think of this

From the LA Times: "Take Schlenkerla Rauchbier, a German lager difficult to find on these shores and just as difficult to drink, at least by itself. An intensely smoked, oleaginous brew, it brings to mind bacon drippings served cold. But Yoon paired it with braised baby back ribs and a bean-bacon ragout. Soon hands were reaching across tables for more. The smokiness of the brew melted into meat and beans as neatly as a slab of butter rides off on a toasted baguette."

A really good beer story

And this is a pretty cool video that Dogfish Head made. I don't quite understand the end of it though. Did the case of beer defeat the catapault?

Punkin Chunkin

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