Saturday, August 06, 2005

one hour photo

I watched 'One Hour Photo' today and was definately impressed and very affected. The the set design and the cinematography were awesome. The Savmart had really cool light and colors and was super hygienic.

But definately the best parts of the film were Robin Williams and the actual story. The story is so creepy and so ambiguous that it really keeps you, I won'y say entertained, because I honestly wanted to turn it off a couple times because it made me feel uncomfortable, but rather I'll say it keeps you 'moved' or 'turned on' or affected. I wasn't sure if Robin Williams' character was a child molester or a potential murderer or what. And he was just so fucking plain and simple and NOT Robin Williams. So I really wonder what it would have been like if it wasn't Robin Williams playing the lead and part of the experience was being impressed with his range of acting talent. What if I saw the movie 'just' on its own merits? I don't know if that's possible, but at least without Robin Williams?

Creepy and ambiguous are the two words I think to describe it. You're not really sure what the hell is really going on, all the details at least, but sure know it's not too fucking warm and fuzzy.

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