Sunday, August 28, 2005

sleep walking

I went for a little dash last night in my 'sleep'.

Sleep walking is strange.

I remember feeling a very strong sense of urgency. I seem to remember thinking I had to vomit. I also seem to remember thinking that the bathroom was not the place to do it.

So I ran out the front door in only my boxers.

I rounded the corner of the house and headed for the back yard where I realized the urgency was centered in my bladder.

So I peed. A lot. Standing on the driveway, through the fence into the back yard. I hope the neighbors weren't watching.

Weird huh?

And by the way, you can now leave comments without registering. I've enabled the security thing where you identify a word in an image or some such thing.

Do you sleep walk?


BigBoyBob said...

I can remember 2 such cases, both involving alcohol the night of the 'walk'. In both cases I awoke in places that I ordinarily would never sleep. The funny thing is I very vividly remember going to MY bed located in MY room. Then I wake up in different rooms. Hmm... I wonder if the Keller St Ghost had anything to do with this?

Jenny B said...

Mateo...considering you talk in your sleep, it doesn't suprise me. I think it must have something to do with school starting...I wonder if I'll be doing it tonight...

AdamZ said...

Because I have no recolection of sleep walking does that mean that I never have? What could have be done while I thought I was sleeping?

Matthew D Dunn said...

Did you guys do this on purpose? It's three of my very good friends, two who live in PA, all of whom went to Big Red together last fall. Weird.

And Adam, I love the blog title...there's no D in Han.

And Bob, I'm not sure what the Keller St. Ghost is, but does it have anything to do with R Kelly, 9 kegs of Natty Lite and a flashlight at 4am?

And JennyB, I think the sleep walking had to do more with your crazy party than with school starting.