Tuesday, August 30, 2005

it smells like the gulf of mexico in my front yard

Actually, only kind of like the gulf of mexico. Katrina, the hurricane, has arrived here in Bloomington and it is raining...a lot. It's also 20-30 mph winds. Now this is not Gulfport-Mississippi-razing wind, but it's something. It would be a great day to go sailing, that's for sure. I'd take that Capri 14.2 out and really tear up Lake Lemon today. I think a Laser would be a little out of control today.

In other MattDunn news, I made some really good tomato sauce the other night from scratch. Mr.Dave Brodin gave me a bunch of Roma tomatoes and chile peppers from his garden last Thursday and that inspired me. I put in like 10 cloves of garlic and a whole green pepper and a whole onion though and the sauce gave me absolutely horrible gas. It was awesome. I will not make that sauce again...at least for a while.

Unfortunately I had to supplement Dave's tomatoes with a couple store bought tomatoes. Can you tell which ones are the bland, tasteless store bought variety??

And oh yeah...school has started and it is a welcome change from the lazy summer months...ha! Actually, I made significant progress on my Darwin paper yesterday...which feel very good.

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