Tuesday, August 02, 2005

News flash, news flash: George Bush is still really fucking stupid (X3)

Ah yes, George Bush has gone and done it. We should teach Intelligent Design alongside evolution. Teach the controversy. Yeah good idea. As many bloggers have already pointed out, Bush's science advisor has previously come down pretty hard against ID. I guess GW's Christian fundamentalism got the better of him and trumped his just-barely-there ability to keep his administration's statements consistent for the sake of the politics. Not like I expect the dumbest world leader ever to actually think critically about the issues. I mean, if Dembski, who seems like a pretty smart guy, is blinded by his religion, how can I expect George Bush who is two fucking steps above retarded to think clearly?

What I love about the article though is that Bush is not only advocating ID, but in the same press conference he's backing Rafael Palmeiro and still defending Karl Rove. Not to mention his awfully ridiculous remarks about having no idea how John Roberts feels about abortion. Is this for real? It seems like a big dream. Or like the I'm living in the 'Truman Show' and people are just messing with me.

And Bush talked to the folks on the Space Station today. See the article here. Here's how I imagined the conversation went:

I hate George Bush.

Here's a good take on the Palmeiro stuff. It's a bit hyperbolic, but still I agree with him. How could Palmeiro accidentally take steriods? What a moron.

Oh, and I love this explanation of the first ever theory of evolution that was articulated in 1859!! First ever? 1859? I mean, who wrote this piece of shit article? 'Species surive'? 'Factors in nature'? What the fuck is a 'life organism'? They clearly know absolutely nothing about the history of biology or modern evolutionary theory.

"The theory of evolution, first articulated by British naturalist Charles Darwin in 1859, is based on the idea that life organisms developed over time through random mutations and factors in nature that favored certain traits that helped species survive."

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Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised the Idiot-in-chief thinks Intelligent Design should be taught in schools. I guess I'm not really surprised that he publicly admitted it. It is, however, just another coffin nail for Enlightenment principles in this country. I just can't wait until we become a bonafide third-world country. The Brasilification of the US continues.

So tired, so very tired...


P.S. I loved Bloomington when I lived there.