Thursday, September 29, 2005

ahhhhhhhhh...Amanda Congdon, and new photographs from around the beautiful IU campus

Amanda Congdon is charming. And I think Rocketboom's new video might be the best they've ever done. The yellow shirt is a nice touch. See it here.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day here in Bloomington IN. Now I've had a ridiculously busy week, and Thursday is my hardest day. Had HPS seminar this morning which is great. I think I got a lot out of today's class. I need to be more assertive though I think. I wonder if I know what I'm talking about?

Anywho, the weather was fucking gorgeous. ZERO humidty. Absolutely gin clear, bright blue sky, sun searing down. Luckily it was so cold. Right now my window is open and my bare feet and quite cold.

Anywho, don't worry, cause I'm tough.

Anywho, I had to go to campus in between seminar and logic. which is kicking my ass. The first exam is a week from today; time to start memorizing definitions like this one: "if Φ=(∃α) Ψ then Φ is true under ℑ if and only if Ψ α/β is true under at least one β-variant of ℑ." (I had to improvise; 'ℑ' refers to an interpretation of the formalized language we use, note my use/mention distinction.)

Anywho, I had to run to campus today before logic and I took some pictures when I was there. Here are a few.

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