Wednesday, September 21, 2005

my first in print beer article

I have finally got to see my first beer publication in print. Garrett (I think that's his name), who works over at Encore and who serves me my Arrogant Bastard most of the time, and who is really a fantastic bar keep, gave me a copy of the paper. I'm pretty happy with it eventhough it was edited, but they were mostly reasonable edits. Also, I was stiffed $25. Which kind of sucks, but I still made $50 for the article which I'm pretty happy with. The editor just told me he'd give me up to $75 for up to 1000 words. I gave him 1009 words. Whatever. It's cool.

CLICK on the image below to read the article.


Brian said...

He probably docked you for the 9 words over. $75 for *up to* 1000 words and -$2.77 per word after that. Read the fine print next time. And next time don't load it up with jabs at Dembski and his poor taste in beer, and may be they won't edit it so much.

Brian said...

Oh, and why the hell did you do a blurb on Big Red after your Truffles review?

Ryan said...

Dunn, you are the fucking man!

The only one I would add to the list is Max's Place. 50% off good beers and open mike night. Ya Can't beat that. Though, $2 AB pints comes darn close.

I still have yet to cash in on that 50% off deal.