Sunday, September 18, 2005

new video: Ryan's "American" Pils

Here is a short video of myself that Ryan (beer Ryan, not wine Ryan) filmed on Friday and I edited today. I'm sampling his brand new Pilsner which, although made with all American ingredients, is certainly not an "American Pilsner" because it's all malt, all Cascade hops with medium bitterness and high hop flavor and aroma.


Jenny B said...

Nice video mateo. I like your editing and the music...muy bueno buddy, muy bueno!

Matthew D Dunn said...

why don't you start your own blog already? it's easy and I'll show you how. You have a ton of good photos. Just post a couple a week with some captions or a little story. I'd read it compulsively.

Ryan said...

Out of 7 hours of "American" pilsner tasting footage that's all you ended up with!?!

I thought for sure the love scene with that three legged feral dog would have made it in the final cut.