Saturday, September 10, 2005

two things

Well, I've sunk to a new low. Tonight I went to Annika and JennyS's house for some pizza. It turned out to be more of a party and that was cool. Yaniv and I stopped at BigRed to pick up some beer and we got an 8 pack of Bitburger. Might be the best deal in the store at $6.99 for an 8 pack of 500ml cans. That's right, 4 liters of one of the best north German Pilsners in the world for only seven bucks.

Heineken cans are more expensive.

Now I've been to Bitburg Germany and went to the brewery (although we weren't able to get a tour) and had Bitburger served fresh on draft in the city in the very peculiar and wonderful manner they serve it. They serve it in rather elegant glasses with a foot and a stem and they 'slow pour', i.e. it takes 5 minutes to pour one glass because they pour it vigorously from the tap, right down the middle and it creates a lot of head. But given time and 4 or 5 repeated rough pours, the head that results is a fresh, cool, fluffy cloud-weight pillow of a head that is absolutely outstanding.

Anyway, drinking OUT OF THE CAN in Bloomington IN is a completely different story.

And I feel like I've hit a rather substantial low in my beer drinking life, like I reverted back to high school or early college. I felt tonight like I was just drinking the beer to get drunk. And I like to get drunk, don't get me wrong, but I also like to actually enjoy the drinking, I actually like to experience the beer (or other beverage) from more angles than the ethanol.

And secondly, I forget. What I was going to say, but hopefully I'll remember tomorrow.

How about this poem?

You're like two peas in a pod
Like two animals instead
like two holes in my head

Othertimes it's truly swell
the fact that you do tell
the story well and 'still can't believe it's true'.

though once in a while its pretty soft
like the head on a slowed poured Bitburger pils in Bitburg, or Trier even.

Also, I was looking for the picture of me standing outside the Bitburger Brewery, but I couldn't find it. So how about this brief photo-retrospective of my college years? As I was searching for the Bitburger picture these are the things in an album that caught my attention:

This is me sitting in the heart of beautiful downtown Huntingdon PA. I'm sitting at the "Bagel Shop" (I forget what it was actually called, but Skip, the owner, and his wife, the folks who owned it, were very cool. The cool thing is, that's not a cell phone. My apartment is really close, look above my left shoulder to catch the greenish bay windows on the edge of the photo, that was the apartment one floor below mine. So I could use my home phone while I sat and ate good roast beef bagel sandwichs on Penn St.

This is me when my long hair was cool, in, I think, the train station Midi in Brussels.

Chris Saunders and I playing guitar at the 'Spillway', one of the coolest things about Juniata College.

These next two are post cards. CLICK ON THEM TO SEE THE BACK. They're pretty funny, I recommend you check them out.

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