Sunday, September 04, 2005

limestone in the light: photography for photography's sake

So I went for a nice bike ride around town today, out across Bryan Park, up Henderson, a couple blocks East on Atwater, North to Campus and through Dunn's Woods. Bathing in the low sun down Kirkwood until one block East of Walnut. East on 7th St. to make two laps around the Showalter fountain. It was during these two laps that I realized how great the light was so I zoomed home (up Jordan) to fetch my camera.

I returned to find several young men riding their bikes up trees and jumping of things, not to mention lots of great limestone building virtually glowing in the rich, warm, low sun set. It was really swell.

Apparently this guy is sponsored. He works up at the bike shop at 10th and the bypass.

My girlfriend.

Believe it or not, this is the IU auditorium.

This too.

This is Woodburn Hall, actually where I teach this semester. I feel this one in the mouth. That's weird, I know, but the intricacy of the stone reminds me of some very memorable pastry I had when I was a child. In Annapolis Maryland at my Aunt's wedding I seem to remember.

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Brian said...

Nice photos. Dembski would be proud.