Saturday, September 17, 2005

further adventures of jenny the B and mateo: bluffage and bonsai

Also, I went to see Blackalicious last Monday. Forgot to mention that. It ruled.

Anyway, seeing that it was a beautiful day outside, and knowing that it was saturday, when the phone rang I thought, "I bet that's Jenny the b seeing if I want to do some outdoor adventures." And indeed it was. She knew of this place called 'cedar bluff'. So we drove out there. It was pretty cool. The river was the coolest part. It actually looked like a river. The river bed was all rocks. There was some hint of a gradient with riffles here and there. Sounded nice. Looked nice. And the bluffs, maybe 75 or 100' tall limestone 'bluffs', were pretty cool. Not quite cliffs, but bluffs. It was a rugged, steep trail from the river around the back of the bluffs and up the other side. The view from the top wasn't very cool, but it was ok. There was a cool dead tree.

Jen took this picture of me by the dead tree. It actually looks like she's looking down from her picture and laughing at me. "Look at you! Haha you're in black and white."

Here's Jen's best 'deer in the headlights' pose.

At least Indiana has the whole Lycopod thing going for it. "Primitive" plants rule, but putting the word 'primitive' in quotes to refer to the fact that 'primitive' is a complicated concept in evolutionary biology rules more.

We stopped at the coolest nursery in town on the way back to look at the bonsai and the orchids.

"Natural selection? I don't think so." (I actually have no idea what Jen's views on plant evolution are)

This was probably the coolest tree there.

THe bonsai at the Brooklyn Botanical gardens are cooler though. And that's Kathy Yeo. She's ok.

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Nicole Slogan said...

Hey Matt. I would be suprised if you remember me. My nane is Nicole. Im a friend of Kathy. We had a miscommunication a few years ago and I would like to contact her if I could. I have no current phone number or address for her. Please let me know if you can help me with this. My Email address is Thanks Matt.